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James Kelly me at jameskelly.org
Fri Sep 22 16:10:14 GMT 2006

> As I said in my last email, I think 3 tabs would be better. One with TinyMce
> one with Quicktags and one with unfiltered HTML that saves directly from

That'd be cool, the problem is that there is SOOOO much overhead with
TinyMce, it'd need to either be AJAXified or IFramed (yuck).  The
point is that all that overhead needs to be encapsulated so that those
of us that enjoy self mutilation can use the editor.

Of course ideally we have an editor that has a tiny footprint
and is completely bullet-proof...oh yeah, and get on genetically
eliminating aging while you're at it will ya?

>...Office-using person actually considers WYSISYG
>normal rather than a special feat of
>arcane magic.  It's easy to make fun, but really, why shouldn't they?

Too true, too true.

James Kelly
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Friday, September 22, 2006, 6:15:04 AM, you wrote:

> that tab. The preference could still be set in the user profile.  (Perhaps
> you only choose std or advanced and advanced defaults you to using QuickTags
> as the first tab.)  This would also address the concern of all of those who
> have requested an easy way to switch between the quicktags editor and the
> WYSIWYG editor.

> I usually use the quick tags editor.  On rare occasions, I will use TinyMCE
> for its convenience and for normal posts, it is not THAT far off the track.
> I'd probably use it more if it were just a tab.  There are certain times,
> often when bringing in content from external sources, that you need the raw
> HTML to fix issues - misaligned tags and ill placed <br/> vs <p/> etc.  Even
> then, there have been times when I've had to edit it within PHPMyAdmin just
> to get it to do exactly what I wanted it to.  It will be nice to be able to
> save directly from the RAW html tab without re-loading it into the other
> editors prior to the save.  Any editor will interpret what it loads and
> saves.  Loading and saving bitwise (or even functionally) identical content
> from a third party source is difficult, if not impossible to achieve in ever
> case.  It's a standard 95/5 situation, where the last 5% of the work of
> getting an editor to be perfect would take 95% of the work and effort.
> Saving from Raw HTML will fix that...

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