[wp-hackers] Big fix for WP 2.1-alpha3

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Sep 21 21:24:30 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> It doesn't, the logic in the ticket is flawed. It takes PHP longer to
> generate a notice. Thus, if we had E_ALL on by default, there might be
> a performance hit. But as you can see in line 77 of wp-settings.php,
> all of it is a bunch of premature optimization. Setting the variables
> even to an empty string probably takes longer in PHP < 5.2 because of
> the extra malloc (PHP 5.2 has a new memory manager which takes a bit
> of the overhead off this).
> I should have worded the initial response on the ticket better, but I
> can't go back and edit it. At any rate, its premature optimization,
> which might end up having a negative impact on the execution time in
> the long run. (Benchmarks coming)

I'd like to fix notices where we can, but I agree that we shouldn't
necessarily be optimizing for E_ALL.  Who runs E_ALL in a production


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