[wp-hackers] Post Crashes WP, Can't Edit, Can't Publish

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Thu Sep 21 20:49:18 GMT 2006

First: I can save it as a page: hence, its not too large. Its
something WP for sure, since I only experience this with *posts* and
not pages.
In my first message I believe I said it was Apache on Linux that was
the remote server.. IIS is only local (IIS 6 > apache... all other IIS
blow though!!)

Its not the MySQL, its not the pingbacks, its not the Apache, its not
the server, and its not my internet connection, it's just WP going
crazy for some inexplicable reason.

To recap:
1) Saving as Page works great
2) Saving as post *submits* the page, but attempting thangs on
reloading it. Doesn't work.
3) Disabling sending of pinhgbacks has no effect.
4) 100% Valid XHTML
5) Doesn't happen on IIS

I'm going to create an account at wordpress.com and test posting it
there soon as I get the chance, thanks for bearing with me guys!!


On 9/21/06, Doug Stewart <dstewart at atl.lmco.com> wrote:
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> Robert Deaton wrote:
> > On 9/21/06, Doug Stewart <zamoose at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Perhaps your INSERT query is exceeding your host's max_allowed_packet
> >> size.  I would look into getting access to your webserver's logs.  See
> >> if php is logging any weirdness there.
> >
> > I doubt this would cause the page to not load. MySQL would return a
> > warning, as I have intentionally lowered the limit to hit it before
> > and it doesn't cause the page not to load, just a warning/error to be
> > displayed.
> >
> It definitely exhibits that behavior on every Apache server I've ever
> seen, but I thought we were dealing with IIS here, a subject area with
> which I have mercifully little experience.
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