[wp-hackers] Distro theme shoudl have been I18N again

Stefano steagl at people.it
Thu Sep 21 12:49:26 GMT 2006

More and more theme and plugin developpoer ask how to make they
products I18N and even fi there si some codex docs lot missed it and
launch theyr product with no I18N at all.

IN the ticket list for 2.1 we have setted to have plugins with theyr
own text domain and then locale .mo files will be included by the
localization teams, for plugins we arranged a method to have the info
shown in the plugins dashboard localized too (even if is not a good
method caus it need to edit the plugin files).

For theme we are still at what we setted since 1.2, stripping out all
the I18N functions and having every locale team choice to have a hard
coded translation (as ve do for it_it) or having thyr own I18N version
with the right locale language files.

I think this caused that tons of themes (someof them really nice and
widly used) wasn't and still aren't I18N and have no localization and
thousands of users spend time to translate them in they locale
language hard encoding the transaltion and introduciong errors in the
php code also causing questions and asking for help (for italian forum
this ihappens very often).

I would like to see the I18N of distro thems back again. If most agree
i can set up a patch in few days


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