[wp-hackers] JS causing flicker in IE?

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 11:04:52 GMT 2006

Internet Explorer users sometimes see images reload/flicker when
toggling the draggable boxes, widgets, or when working with TinyMCE.

In working on the upcoming tabbed editor, I ran across the following
article about the way IE refuses to cache some images:


This affects DBX, TinyMCE, Widgets, and any other scripts that add
images to the page. It only happens in certain circumstances and
supposedly not in IE's default state. However it's been a problem for
me for ages and this solution made my day, so I'm sharing it. Cheers!

If it's just your browser bothering you, check that the following is
not set to "Every visit to the page."

Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet files
Settings -> Check for newer versions of stored pages: Automatically.

If you're dealing with lots of people complaining and you run the
server, use Apache httpd's mod_expire. This is probably not a bad idea
anyway, unless you frequently modify images on your server without
renaming them. I added text/css to the list of matching types because
TinyMCE also causes the editor's stylesheets to reload when TinyMCE is
toggled on and off.


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