[wp-hackers] WPMU Global Page / Custom Template

Shayne Sweeney wp-hackers at shaynesemail.com
Thu Sep 21 10:05:17 GMT 2006

Hackers, code cracker's, slackers...

Looking for another one of your great collaborative solutions that is a
product of the ingenious minds reading this email. :)

I am using Wordpress MU.

Lets say, I want to generate a "mobile" version of ALL the content on my
WPMU network of blogs dynamically.

My requirements.

1) Our current URL structure...


...here's what I am thinking of ...


2) Use of a single theme. I have been exploring the possibility of adding
alternate template files as there are plenty of lines of shared design code
I don't want to separate.

3) Efficient as possible. :D

Word (press) to my hackers,


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