[wp-hackers] Cache solution for WPMU?

"Roland Häder" r.haeder at will-hier-weg.de
Thu Sep 21 09:33:57 GMT 2006

Thank for all your hints. I have uploaded a little patch which will fix lots of notice messages which are normally surpressed (and they shall always be surpressed on a "productive/hot" blog) but they can be made visuable with error_reporting(E_ALL);.

I want your oppinion here: Do surpressed notices slow down the interpreter while parsing PHP scripts? In my view they do. Some mails past I wrote that the interpreter needs to "handle" them by doing some analysis (e.g. undefined variable or non-exisiting object used string-to-int converting where the most notices when I debug WP).

Do you share my oppinion about this matter?

> I agree. My WordPress pages were taking a while to load (almost 10
> seconds,
> unheard of by me with my host before), and it turned out that they were
> doing some stuff on the backend of the server. After normal conditions
> resumed, the execution was back to around a second and mostly under that.
> > Zend's Studio software has a script profiling tool that works very
> > well for this purpose.
I use the APD and pprofp program here. :-) But which time is the most important? Total elapsed, system or user time? Sorry for the n00b question.

> > Now, about your pages taking 20 seconds to generate. That is almost 20
> > seconds too long unless the server is a Commodore 64. I don't believe
> > you are running 20+ plugins and you haven't found THE ONE that is
> > causing this. Nothing in WordPress is that slow.
I will try out to get my blog installed in Intranet and then disable every plugin step-by-step.

Btw: the Extended Archive Plugin (or so?) did show up the most notice messages. And I could fix everyone. :-) I send my patch to the author to let him know it.

> > Have you tried var_dump($wpdb) on wp_footer to find badly-written
> > queries, insane joins, or tables that could use an extra index? Have
> > you called the datacenter to ask if somebody over-watered the ficus or
> > something? ;-)
I will try this var_dump($wpdb) thing out. Thanks. And I'm "root" of my server. :-)

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