[wp-hackers] Job Opening for WP developer

Dr Deviant deviant at dr-deviant.net
Thu Sep 21 07:04:32 GMT 2006

> On Thursday, 21. September 2006 00:59, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
>> Actually to work at Automattic you need 8 years of WordPress experience,
>> and at least 15 years with PHP.

Interesting, My resume says I have this experience, you think I should 


I'm with Roland on this one.

we just tried to hire a java developer guy, we put down the job requirements 
that we needed, you know, must be able to spell "Java" and knows that Object 
Orientation is not running round the countryside on the weekend with a map 
in your hand... and the HR department added: "Must be educated to degree 
level, with 3 years industrial experience"

I asked what my job entailed as the teams manager, it seems I need 6 years 
experience... I asked if I needed to resign if I didn't have it.


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