[wp-hackers] Changes to Image/File uploading

Scott Plumlee wp-hackers at plumlee.org
Wed Sep 20 18:56:01 GMT 2006

I don't know if the following is desired, but I'd like to suggest a 
couple of changes to the image/file uploading process and see what the 
gurus think.

1. For the upload fields, how about indicating what each field can/will 
be used for?  For instance instead of just Title, could it read Title 
(for links) / Alt Text (for images)? This would be a simple patch, but I 
don't know if anyone else thinks it is warranted.


2. I think this could be accomplished by a plugin, so I'm going to 
investigate more, but how about another option to allow either the title 
or the description to be used for alt text on images? Currently (2.0.4 
version) description is not used that I can see from testing with files 
or images.

 From my standpoint, it seems that Description would fit more naturally 
as the alt text than title when uploading images, especially since the 
Title field text IS used for the title attribute in links.  When 
uploading files, perhaps an option to put the description below the link?

Perhaps something like the following options:

-Radio button- 'Use Description for Alt text'
-Radio button- 'Use Title for Alt text'

-Checkbox- 'Show Description with link'

So I guess what I'm proposing is to use all three fields, File as 
filename, Title as title, and Description as alt text/file description.

Sorry for the brain dump, but I'm currently in the process of uploading 
a bunch of images, so I've been looking at this most of the day.

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