[wp-hackers] Hotfix for wp-includes/functions.php

Roland Haeder webmaster at mxchange.org
Wed Sep 20 17:43:50 GMT 2006

Hello again,

one important thing before: Have you seen my mail from *this* email address? 
In my previous emails I have signed it with OpenPGP/MIME. I guess that was 
also the reason why mails cannot come through here from my GMX address 
(will-hier-weg.de is a "fun-domain" by GMX.net)

Okay, I have found a little "bug" in the function add_filter(). There you are 

if ( $filter['function'] == $function_to_add ) {
	return true;

But it must be three equals or else you will get a notice that the 
object "blabla" cannot be converted to int. You will get these notices when 
you say "error_reporting(E_ALL);" (without the quotes) in wp-settings.php and 
comment-out the other error_reporting line.


(GNU) PGP ID: 0x8C8859B9


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