[wp-hackers] Cache solution for WPMU?

"Roland Häder" r.haeder at will-hier-weg.de
Wed Sep 20 06:23:03 GMT 2006


> Nightmare? Even local-machine caching is really good.
this seems to be my only-one chance to mail to wp-hackers: Webmail. I'm sorry for the advert below. :-(

@Matt: How many plug-ins have you installed to test your blog software? I have more than 20 plug-ins installed (see here: http://blog.mxchange.org/system-infos/ ) and it's painfull slow. Lots of SQL queries are slowing it down and even the filter-system (still execelent piece of software!) is slowing down my blog. I have generation times around 20 secs. This is definedly to slow.

BTW: Have you read my entry in forum? Its here:

I will upload my latest changes very soon to my blog so you can download it soon. Please read my entry in forum first. :-)

> If you want something shared, use memcached:
> http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/memcached/trunk/
Thanks a lot. I will try them out. I have found some core functions anyway which can be accelerated by caching. More in a minute about this.


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