[wp-hackers] RTE

spencer spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 08:46:59 GMT 2006

Coming in on this a bit late, but..

RE: The adding it to the Write Post section, sounds like a nice idea! Would 
make it so much simpler when trying to explain to the users on the forums, 
about where to go to turn it on or off.

However, if you're going to keep it, (please keep in mind, I didn't read any 
of the list discussion on this previously, busy with other stuff.) Make it 
OFF for default maybe...

After I had done over 30 WordPress installs for people already.. out of 
those 30, I left the RTE ON for one person, only to get an email later that 
their blog was screwed up. So, I went into their blog CP, cleaned up ALL 12 
posts, because they decided to copy/paste from something like MS WORD..

I know it's not "our" fault though, but..after handling support threads of 
"My blog's messed up! HELP!!" And it turns out they *usually* copy/pasting 
from a word processor, right into the RTE.. "we've" come to find out, they 
didn't know how to turn off the RTE, or they knew.. but didn't care about 
it...sigh. IMHO, If all possible.. maybe make it OFF for default.. and have 
it added in the Write Post window?

p.s. If ya rip my head off, can I get it back before later today.. I'll need 
it then. ;) =P I just wanted to throw out my thoughts and such.. =) 

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