[wp-hackers] RTE

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Sat Sep 16 23:37:30 GMT 2006

>> I think users that want to switch between TinyMCE and the regular
>> text box on the fly are a very small minority; why make things
>> needlessly complex?
> I'm not sure what evidence you have, but several people that I've set
> up WordPress want to easily switch between WYSIWYG and code views.
> They eventually shut TinyMCE off only because it's so hard to
> switch back and forth.
> What need do they have to do that that isn't fulfilled by TinyMCE's
> HTML view?

Oh!  Sorry, I'm an idiot...I don't use TinyMCE, and I'd never noticed that little HTML button before I re-enabled it just now.  The blind (me) leading the blind (them)...  <slapping forehead>


-- Charles

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