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Angsuman Chakraborty angsuman at taragana.com
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I am in favor of option B. Additionally I think the editor should be implemented as a plugin, as others suggested. The plugin will obviously use filters & hooks to implement the functionality. So it will be easier to swap it with something better and more stable. Users will have more choice.

The user page option is pretty well hidden away from normal users.

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Robert Deaton wrote:
>> Toggling the editor on the write page won't affect the persistent
>> setting?  I'm not saying it should, but I'm interested in hearing ideas
>> on why it should/should not.
> I don't think it should. If you choose not to have it on, I'd rather
> not have to wait for all of TinyMCE to load just so that I could
> switch it back on on-the-fly.If its off, its off. If its on, well, I
> guess you can switch it on the fly? I'm still not sure why we're
> switching on the fly, but I say if its off, its off.

Perhaps I'll clarify with a list-

Option A: Editor loads based on user page option.  Regardless of loaded 
editor, toggle on write page allows switching to other editor.  The 
toggled state is not used to change the user page option.

Option B: Regardless of the loaded editor, the toggle on write page 
allows switching to other editor.  The toggled state changes the stored 
preference so that subsequent loads use the toggled state.  There is no 
user page option.

Option C: Editor loads based on user page option.  Only TinyMCE allows 
toggling to a textarea editor.  This toggle does not change the user 
page option.

There are sure to be a few other combinations, but these few are what I 
considered sane.  What are the pros and cons of each?

Eliminating an obscurely located user option checkbox and simplifying 
the concept of what happens when you toggle the editor leads me to 
believe Option B is a good choice.  Your thoughts?


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