[wp-hackers] RTE

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Sat Sep 16 00:41:26 GMT 2006

Robin Adrianse wrote:
> Yeah, I get really annoyed at this too. Maybe change it to store the 
> info in
> the database, per user?
> On 9/15/06, Robert Deaton <false.hopes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 9/14/06, Petit <petit at petitpub.com> wrote:
>> > Couldn't that option set a cookie?
>> Please, let's not store anything else in a cookie. I'm already annoyed
>> enough that my dbx boxes don't remember my state from machine to
>> machine, I don't need the WYSIWYG editor turning itself on and off
>> too.
>> -- 
>> --Robert Deaton
Sorry, no more cookies, I promise ;)
I lost my logic for a while there, and forgot about the "you should be 
logged in to write" pattern.
The user db is a good place, but I still believe the switch should be on 
the Write Post page, which is logical and accessible.
( I guess, in the background there is a cookie supporting the session, 
and the "remember me" thingy ;)


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