[wp-hackers] [Pretty OT]May I be the first to console Owen...

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Fri Sep 15 16:29:38 GMT 2006

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Owen,  I hope to see you back on wp-hackers. Your insightful
> posts are sorely missed.

Uh, ok.  :)

Yes, the server is pretty dead.  I guess the RAID card fried a bunch of 
the drives that were connected to it.  I don't blame Unixshell for my 
inability to restore backups I don't have, and I should have known 
better than to trust only their snapshot system.  Getting the new VPS 
running is another question, however.

I'm not sure what all I have backups of, specifically the code for 
RedAlt.  Not a lot has changed since the backup I know I have (from 
March), but I'm not sure what the status of the function reference is 
for the moment.

I've recovered the blog posts that weren't backed up from Bloglines, 
where I hadn't read anything since the last backup.  All 175 posts.  :)

I'm hoping to get some things back online today and over the weekend. 
Once again, use the misfortunes of someone you know to take the time to 
verify the workings of your backup plan.

Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts.


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