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Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Thu Sep 14 17:20:37 GMT 2006

Craig wrote:
> Which causes me to wonder how many of those who DON'T turn it off even know
> that:
> A) They CAN turn it off.
> B) They know HOW to turn it off and
> C) There is an alternative available to them.

Fair enough.

However people on this list who are turning it off because it's "buggy" 
are missing the point.

How many trac tickets have you filed before you turn it off? We should 
be fixing the bugs, not ignoring them.

We need to make writing as easy as humanly possible, and get out of the 
user's way as much as possible. For non-coders -- which is the bulk of 
the .com and .org audience -- this means no angle brackets.

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