[wp-hackers] Revised Login Form Complete!

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Mon Sep 11 17:07:51 GMT 2006

>>> * Now looks correct in IE (had to use an IE conditional tag though sadly)
>> -1 until this is done without browser sniffing. CSS hacks I can go with, but browser sniffing is just too disgusting for core.
> It's not browser sniffing, though? I'd much rather have a conditional comment for IE, so that IE-specific stuff only gets downloaded by IE, than bloat all of the CSS with hacks.

This is different from browser sniffing in the sense that Robert is thinking of, and is best practices per the CSS list.  The manta is "design for the standard, then add IE exceptions/hacks as necessary".  It's the compromise between the ideal and, erm, Microsoft.

-- Charles

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