[wp-hackers] Revised Login Form Complete!

Viper007Bond lists at viper007bond.com
Mon Sep 11 13:30:44 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
 > On 9/10/06, Viper007Bond <lists at viper007bond.com> wrote:
 >> * Now looks correct in IE (had to use an IE conditional tag though 
 > -1 until this is done without browser sniffing. CSS hacks I can go
 > with, but browser sniffing is just too disgusting for core.

I first did a *html blah { }, but that didn't fix it in IE7.

If anyone else can find a better solution, I'm all ears. I hated to have 
to go that route. The problems is that it looks really funky right now 
in the latest SVN and I think this is better than having it broken. :/

Oh, and just so anyone doesn't get the wrong idea -- no, I didn't come 
up with this new blue styled login page. It's been in the core for quite 
a while and was brought over from WordPress.com (I think). My 
ticket/patch is just improving (IMO) upon what was previously added. ;)


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