[wp-hackers] Text ads in themes

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Sun Sep 10 23:58:21 GMT 2006

Scott Allan Wallick wrote:
> Barthelme is my theme, so I should sound off here.
> Podz suggested posting the following on the download page for my 
> sponsored
> themes:
> >"This theme has a sponsored link which you are free to remove" would 
> be better
> >surely? Telling the blogger and allowing them to make a considered
> >decision - or would telling the blogger have them removing the link?
> I think this is a fine suggestion. At first I had assumed that the 
> comment
> with the sponsored link (which others noted here was reasonable and
> GPL-friendly, and essentially said "Delete the sponsor's link if you 
> like")
> would be sufficient. And it sure was. I received a number of emails from
> users who said, essentially, "I saw your note in the footer and I deleted
> the sponsored link. OK?" and it always was.
> Also, directly above the download link to my themes there is licensing
> information and the following statement: "Please feel free to alter this
> theme in any way that pleases you. All I ask is that you allow my 
> original
> design credit to remain."
> However! being resonable, I see that placing a note in the statement 
> above
> could not possible be harmful at all, and instead act as yet another 
> layer
> of assurance that, yes, my themes are all GPL, and yes, please feel 
> free to
> change them as you like. So up it goes. Thanks, Podz.
> <snip>
> I have spoken.
> Also, it should be noted that I know nothing about nothing.
> Thank you for your time.
> scott
Reasonable indeed!
You really know something about something, I'd conclude ;)
And your themes are beautiful.


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