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Sun Sep 10 05:49:31 GMT 2006

Full Disclosure:

I think this is about full disclosure.

If a theme author (or other open source developer for that matter) includes
links and adsense ads with their own account number (yuk) etc they should
simply declare that at the point of download. They should also say whether
they allow you to remove these or not.

Nice and transparent and helps somebody gain recognition or money or
whatever - nothing wrong with that.

If it is not disclosed up front I think it is simply wrong.


On 9/10/06, Kaf Oseo <kaf at szub.net> wrote:
> R.J. Kaplan wrote:
> >
> > On Sep 10, 2006, at 3:26 AM, Kaf Oseo wrote:
> >> Should I take your response to mean you believe the theme author
> >> should realize the use of text ads is a big mistake*
> >
> > It's funny how everyone here is responding. Like it or not, It's his
> > full right to put ads in his themes. I don't like it, but I still
> > believe it's his full right.
> First, I don't consider my email to be a response; I intentionally did
> not give a viewpoint or opinion on it. I was querying Charles to ask
> if he viewed the addition of the ad as a mistake, based on the issue
> he refers to (and its actual outcome).
> Second, I could be wrong but I don't believe anyone is asserting theme
> authors do not have a right to place ads in themes. Similar to non-GPL
> themes, plugins and whatnot, rather I think it's being asked how we in
> the community view the practice, and whether we should make the wp.org
> resources available to them or not.
> -Kaf
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