[wp-hackers] Newbie

James Kelly me at jameskelly.org
Sat Sep 9 22:51:07 GMT 2006


Well, I'm not really a newbie...really.  I'm just a newbie on
wp-hackers.  I've been watching this plethora of information dribble
into my inbox (and at times flood it), and I am really anxious to help
out if I can.

I've been developing plugins for quite some time now, although none
have ever been released to the public...until today.  I've created a
plugin that allows me to customize the display of the login,
registration, and reset password forms on my site.

I pretty much copied the core logic from wp-login.php and
wp-register.php into the plugin and I've now made it available.
Interestingly enough, there was a discussion just last night about
this which is what prompted me to clean it up and release it.

I've also downloaded, installed, and am familiarizing myself with
Subversion so that I can hopefully contribute in some small way to
WordPress itself.  Two areas I am deeply interested in pursuing

1)  The discussion about hooking into the WP login/reg process (in
hopes to make my brand new shiny plugin obsolete)
2)  The discussion about categories.  One thing that seems like it
should definitely be included in the core is the ability to sort

Thanks for the amazing tool and system.  If anyone is interested in
looking at the plugin, they can see it here:  <http://www.jameskelly.org/wordpress-plugins/custom-login-and-registration-forms-plugin/>

Please let me know if any of you have any comments regarding the
plugin or otherwise.


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