[wp-hackers] 2-columns, different categories in each

Yosemite yosemite at samdevol.com
Fri Sep 8 21:12:46 GMT 2006

Trying to develop a theme (at test.samdevol.com) that has 2 columns and 
a sidebar. I'm trying to use the query_posts (running 2 separate loops 
in index.php) and have success with hard-coding e.g.; 
query_posts('cat=2,-11&showposts=10'); in each separate loop, but when I 
try to make use of Ozh's Theme Tool Kit to allow users control of which 
categories are displayed in the columns it breaks. Whether I build a 
function and use it
$cats2=corporate_slave_col2cats() . corporate_slave_postquant(); 
query_posts($cats2); echo $cats2; 
or I use variables
global $corporate_slave; $cats2= 
"'".$corporate_slave->option['col2cats']. '&showposts='. 
$corporate_slave->option['postquant']. "'"; query_posts($cats2); echo 
I end up with the correct string echoed from $cats2, but it just 
displays all categories.

Any suggestions?

-Sam Devol

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