[wp-hackers] New Plugin Site - WPPlugins.org

Rob Miller r at robm.me.uk
Tue Sep 5 18:34:25 GMT 2006

Sean Hickey wrote:
>> Why no link to the plugin page itself?  Usually that's the place for
>> detailed instructions, problem-solving, etc.
> There are possibly dozens of questions that can be asked for each
> plugin.  In the end I decided to let the plugin authors have control.
> Some plugin authors may not want to be bothered by so many questions.
> If they want to put a link to the plugin page in the description, they
> can.  The [url] BBCode tag is supported. :)
> However if more plugin authors agree with you, I'll add it.
> - Sean
Please make it optional, then--what happens when a plugin author lapses 
in their updates of the WPPlugins site and subsequent visitors to the 
page end up downloading an old version?

The way wp-plugins.net does it is better, IMO :)


Rob Miller
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