[wp-hackers] Thoughts on Ultimate Tag Warrior

Christine Davis christine at neato.co.nz
Mon Sep 4 02:19:19 GMT 2006

> I'm curious about people's thoughts and opinions on the Ultimate Tag
> Warrior plugin.

Oh, I think it's marvellous (;  I might be biased d:

> Is there functionality UTW provides that we could do in core? (Clouds,
> etc.)

If there was some kind of a tag repository in the core,  I'd be fine with
pointing the presentation-grade stuff at it (Which, really, is the most
interesting bit of the plugin).

(I also periodically think about turning the tag suggestion bit into a
separate plugin - is this something people would find useful?)

> As a community are there code fixes we could contribute to UTW to help
> its performance for current users?

If anyone could let me know how to make URL rewriting work properly,  that
would be awesome (: It works for most people, but not everyone.

I'm also perfectly happy to fold go-faster enhancements in (:  I've been a
little short on time of late...


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