[wp-hackers] Thoughts on Ultimate Tag Warrior

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Sep 3 06:38:01 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> I still disagree entirely. Categories have heirarchy. It is the
> fundamental difference that keeps me using categories instead of tags.
> Categories are organized, tags are not. But instead of summing up my
> thoughts again, here's a few links to some likeminded people.

In some ways our system is like a really, really good tag 
implementation. If you look on delicious or flickr and what power users 
of tags complain about, and it's generally the same thing: they want to 
group them (create hierarchies) and they want to retroactively rename them.

Someone could start off using WP in a tag-like fashion, and then 
organize it later should they so choose. Or they could do like 
avalonstar.com and have 8 categories with every post only in one forever 
and ever amen.

Perhaps a better question would have been: For folks using the WP 
"thing" in a tag-like on-the-fly manner, are there things we could do in 
the interface or template functions we could provide to make that easier?

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