[wp-hackers] Patch to allow nested comments

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sat Sep 2 19:04:17 GMT 2006

Mark Jaquith wrote:
> Much in the same way, there is also a post_comment_filtered column in 
> the posts table.  WP has never used it, but it can (and has) been used 
> by plugin authors to store rendered versions of post content (after the 
> curly quotes and paragraphing and whatever filters you have running on 
> the_content... same way TextPattern stores both raw and 
> textile2-processed text).

The story there is I thought most of the page overhead was in the 
regular expressions of autop, etc so I thought that just reading the 
post text directly out of the DB would be faster, if less flexible.

The change was so small it was unmeasurable. It's a good example of why 
when tweaking performance it's critical to know where the actual 
bottlenecks are before getting your hands dirty. Premature optimization 
is the root of all evil.

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