[wp-hackers] Putting mod_rewrite rules in httpd.conf

Scott Plumlee wp-hackers at plumlee.org
Fri Sep 1 18:24:29 GMT 2006

I know there was a recent discussion about .htaccess files here.  My 
question, somewhat related, is whether it would be possible to make WP 
honor rules in httpd.conf versus using .htaccess files?  I mentioned 
this once on the support forums, and was properly reminded that not 
everyone has access to the main configuration file for apache.  But if I 
do have access, would this gain any performance increase, and is it even 

Recommendation from Apache: 

Basically they say use .htaccess if you don't have access to the config 

Possible? Desirable as an option only, not the default (ain't broken, 
don't fix it)?

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