[wp-hackers] Just a thought: Compiled WordPress

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Sun Oct 29 23:40:57 GMT 2006

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ___/ On Sun 22 Oct 2006 12:59:12 BST, [ Computer Guru ] wrote : \___
>> OK... maybe I'm lost.
>> First, thanks for the reply Roy.. But I'm not seeing these issues.
>> I thought "compiled PHP" means that you take the PHP files, put them 
>> through
>> Phalanger/RoadSend, and then serve the compiled code instead.
>> No one "makes these files available," rather every time I make a 
>> change to
>> my site, add a plugin, modify a line of code or else update from SVN - I
>> recompile it via the program.
>> I think it's on-the-fly compilation, i.e. they serve the PHP files 
>> instead
>> of the PHP CGI/SAPI extension....
> "On-the-fly compilation" stands out as an oxymoron. *smile*
<heavily snipped>
> I was wrongly assuming that you want this option to reach people who 
> are not Computer Gurus.
> Best wishes,
> Roy
Oxymoronic or not, "On-the-fly compilation" could be discussed.
There is in a way such things as "compile time compilation" and "run 
time compilation".

For example Java Server Pages are compiled into Java Servlets the first 
time you request the page.
This is maybe not really "run time", as the developer is the one to test 
the JSP first.

Java source code is compiled at "compile time" into the binary class 
record format.
The Java run time engine however, will compile the classes into machine 
code for the host machine at run time,
i.e. on-the-fly. If it is lazy ( aka effective ) it will only compile 
code as needed, bottlenecks first.
The compiled code will be cached in memory only and last for the current 

Just couldn't resist ;)


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