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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Oct 29 15:17:48 GMT 2006

As Les said - you *published* it - so yeah.
But when I _post as a draft_ that's a far cry from publishing.

I do my drafting offline, so I never noticed, except yesterday I posted a
"drafted" page that was a year old - that's when it hit me. I never
"published" always saved as a draft.

Post date should be the date of the first "Publish" command. Not first save.

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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> Computer Guru wrote:
> > If you save a post as a draft and continue it later, isn't it logical
> that
> > when you "continue" writing and then "save and continue" the time-
> stamp
> > should be updated?
> >
> > May I ask what the logic is behind the current system which sticks to
> the
> > very first "save-date" for publication time-stamps?
> >
> > :D
> >
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> Well, I think this is a good thing. The first publishing date should
> stick.
> Only if it were a versioning system, updated dates should be added. It
> isn't though.
> Rational: On a happy Sunday in April 2005, I lament about my visit to a
> great rock consert.
> A year later I read through my posts and find that I misspelled the
> name
> of the arena,
> and I do an edit to correct this.
> If the publishing date is changed, I'll suddenly move the concert in
> time by a year,
> and my readers are confused.
> However if you want to cheat and change the published date, you can do
> so explicitly in WP
> You're in charge after all.
> /Petit
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