[wp-hackers] 2.0.5 Rollout Bugs and issues - Report 'em as you see 'em.

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sat Oct 28 20:26:22 GMT 2006

I've been monitoring this release for problems people have had in their
conversions and encouraging them to get everyone in their blog roll to
update - especially those with versions 2.0.2 and older.  

I thought a central place to report "incedents" might be useful.  So,
I'm wasting a few electrons and starting a thread - Two I guess since it
is cross-posted to Testers & Hackers.

I've checked around 60 sites so far and I've seen two issues.  One was
with a homemade plugin including a file that was now included through
another method.  The other issue as this one:

Many pages in WordPress (specially the ones where you are posting forms)
are ending op this a page with this page:

In Firefox:
302 Found
The document has moved here.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while
trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

In Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage 

Most likely causes:
- You are not connected to the Internet.
- The website is encountering problems.
- There might be a typing error in the address.

Similar issues were reported here:

I found it referenced here:
http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/10/28/wordpress-205-released/  by
Martin Daugaard http://www.stevnhoved.dk/

He's fixed it with "a tiny hack". I've asked for more info.

I'll keep moving through the (English speaking) sites as the day goes
Brian Layman 

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