[wp-hackers] WP 2.1 Launch and Heads-up for Plugin Developers

Rob r at robm.me.uk
Sat Oct 28 02:46:25 GMT 2006

On 28/10/06, Filipe Fortes <fortes at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://wordpress.org/development/2006/10/205-ronan/
> Well, it looks like 2.0.5 came out without a pre-announcement...
> Is there an RSS feed or something that I can subscribe to to get advance
> notice? Can this be solved with AJAX or something? :)
No pre-announcement? What? Ryan posted yesterday:

2.0.5 is looking tight and outtasight.  I think we're ready for release.
>  Any objections?

No objections were posted, and thus it was released as planned. Also, the
release has been geared-up to for at least a couple of weeks now.

Rob Miller

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