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AJ Chen canovaj at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 20:00:05 GMT 2006

I support the idea of organizing links as links and allowing user to name
the list of links on sidebar. So, a blogger can have "Blogroll" on the
sidebar (by default), while others can edit the sidebar.php and change the
list title to "Links" or "Resources" or whatever. This is similar to the way
for listing pages on sidebar.


On 10/27/06, Owen V. Gray <ovgray at rogers.com> wrote:
> > An observation about blogroll...can't some nomenclature remain for
> > posterity's sake?
> >
> > ~miklb
> I don't understand anyone to say that the term "blogroll" should not
> continue to be used as it is in version 2.
> >From my perspective, at least, the discussion is about what to call the
> admin panel on which links or bookmarks or blogroll entries are managed.
> As I understand the term, a blogroll is list of links to other blogs.
> WordPress can and is used for blogs and other sites that have lists of
> links that are not links to blogs. The ability to categorize
> links/bookmarks/blogroll_entries enhances the software's capabilities in
> that regard. What I and others are saying is that 'Blogroll' is too
> narrow a description for what the Links panel manages, or can manage.
> Even for someone who understands both terms, the use of Blogroll may be
> confusing to those who want to include and manage other kinds of links.
> "Where," they might ask, "is the 'Other Links' panel?"
> That having been said, I guess the final version will reflect the main
> developers' vision of the product. Since wordpress.com is calling the
> Links panel 'Blogroll', perhaps the best we can hope for is that the
> release version of 2.1 will have a built in option to name the panel
> 'Links' as it is in version 2.
> Owen Gray
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