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Petit petit at petitpub.com
Thu Oct 26 15:15:05 GMT 2006

Andrew Krespanis wrote:
> +1 for links (or bookmarks), -1 for blogroll.
> Blogroll for me are links to the latest n posts from people whose
> blogs I subscribe -- a rolling list of blogs.
> Blogroll means both too many things to some and nothing to others; and
> is also just a furthering of the tacky verbifying of the buzzword
> 'blog'. (which, years later, still sounds too much like bog -- slang
> for excrement)
> -Andrew
> On 10/25/06, Les Bessant <les at lcb.me.uk> wrote:
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>> > This is just my experience, but I've welcomed the change from Links to
>> > Blogroll. I know this sounds silly, but on my first encounter with
>> > WordPress, when I saw the Links tab with the links in the list, I was
>> > under the impression that you create a blog post and post a link
>> > relevant to the blog post in the Links section. Now I know
>> > that you put
>> > links in the actual post.
>> >
>> > I know that's really n00by, but that was the impression I got from
>> > "Links", even though I knew what "Blogroll" meant at that time.
>> >
>> Whereas people coming at WordPress from other directions will be saying
>> "what?". Many people's links are just that - links to other sites, 
>> which are
>> not necessarily blogs. For confusion reduction, I would prefer 
>> "Links" (or
>> bookmarks even) for the general concept. "Blogroll" can be a category of
>> links, which would make sense for people who have different kinds of 
>> links.
Blog as short for weblog is fine with me and a well known concept by now 
( no crap :)
In my opinion "Links" is to prefer over "Blogroll" as the overall concept,
as links could link to anything, even a coffee machine.

I am convinced though, that links should have categories,
and that one of the predefined categories should be "Blogroll",
as this is also very well known to bloggers.

For newbies much of what you can do with your blog is unknown,
and to use all features of a blogging platform, they'll have to learn, 
what it all means.

When I started, some things confused me ( some still do ;).
What's a feed? RSS? Atom? Ping back? etc.
Now we even have widgets - oh my!


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