[wp-hackers] Random Posts and 2.1

Michael B miklb.online at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 23:13:53 GMT 2006

I'm building a site for a client and am using 2.1 alpha3, as the site won't
be live until close to the time that 2.1 is officially released (at least by
what I'm reading).

Anyway, I've tested 2 plugins so far to randomly pull a post from a category
(coffee2code's customizable post listings as well as another one I found via

Anyway, both are kicking out a mysql error:

> WHERE .post_date <= '2006-10-25 19:04:47' AND ( .post_status = ]
> SELECT DISTINCT * FROM WHERE .post_date <= '2006-10-25 19:04:47' AND (
> .post_status = 'publish' OR .post_status = 'sticky' ) AND .post_password =

I'm guessing there's some new way posts are referenced in the database, and
these plugins are improperly referencing the database.  Any suggestions on
where to look to properly call the new schema?

If this is a tester's list  question, forgive me,  I've not really
tinkered  with  advanced copies of  WP  before.


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