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> This is just my experience, but I've welcomed the change from Links to
> Blogroll. I know this sounds silly, but on my first encounter with
> WordPress, when I saw the Links tab with the links in the list, I was
> under the impression that you create a blog post and post a link
> relevant to the blog post in the Links section. Now I know 
> that you put
> links in the actual post.
> I know that's really n00by, but that was the impression I got from
> "Links", even though I knew what "Blogroll" meant at that time.

Whereas people coming at WordPress from other directions will be saying
"what?". Many people's links are just that - links to other sites, which are
not necessarily blogs. For confusion reduction, I would prefer "Links" (or
bookmarks even) for the general concept. "Blogroll" can be a category of
links, which would make sense for people who have different kinds of links.


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