[wp-hackers] RE: 2.1 Ongoing Work

Owen V. Gray ovgray at rogers.com
Tue Oct 24 20:19:29 GMT 2006

> Here are the 2.1 projects that are currently ongoing and the 
> decisions 
> that still need to be made.  We need to wrap these up soon 
> and drive to 
> beta.
> * Finalize nomenclature of Blogroll/Links/Bookmarks.

As someone trying to learn about WordPress with a view to using it as a
CMS for sites that may or may not have a blog component, 'Links' (as in
ver 2.0) seems a more appropriate title for the title of the admin page
that deals with links, with 'Blogroll' as a category of link that
appears by default on blog and blog related pages, and 'Bookmark' as
perhaps another category.

When the change in title was made to 2.1alpha, was there a post or
exchange on this list or elsewhere explaining the tentative change in

Owen Gray 

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