[wp-hackers] Just a thought: Compiled WordPress

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Oct 22 11:59:12 GMT 2006

OK... maybe I'm lost.

First, thanks for the reply Roy.. But I'm not seeing these issues.

I thought "compiled PHP" means that you take the PHP files, put them through
Phalanger/RoadSend, and then serve the compiled code instead.
No one "makes these files available," rather every time I make a change to
my site, add a plugin, modify a line of code or else update from SVN - I
recompile it via the program.

I think it's on-the-fly compilation, i.e. they serve the PHP files instead
of the PHP CGI/SAPI extension....

It's nothing to do with the distribution, and the code doesn't change: I
don't get C++ code out and then run the executable, rather every time I
change the PHP code I have RoadSend re-compile and display the new

> BlobPress?  I think it's a dangerous territory to  approach.
> If  you were ever to encourage this type of thing, you would
> soon  lose many of the benefits of Open Source. There  would
> be  those who are tempted to choose a compiled version  over
> one  that's  interpreted. Consequently, this  translates  to
> less  hacking  (the benevolent connotation), which  empowers
> WordPress  through  plug-ins  and  bug  fixes  (reports  and
> patches).  And that's just one among many beneficial aspects
> that you would lose.

I don't see that: I install WP on my server, add the plugins I want, then
compile the whole enchilada.

> Why  not create static pages (selectively, of course)? If  I
> recall  correctly, there was a long thread about this in the
> end  of April. I suspect that there are plugins that address
> the issue of server spikes and heavy loads.

Too much hassle - this is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing :) and it's
always on just in case of an unexpected traffic spike.

> I'm  afraid  I can't offer an answer, but if it was over  to
> become a downloadable edition, imagine the implications on:
> * Security updates
> * Plugins (hooks, modification, etc)
> * Maintaining multiple distributions
> * More stuff...

Again, unless I'm reading it wrong, that's not the way compiled PHP goes.
It's a per-user kind of thing, not a "fork" or something that I can put up
on my site for other people to use. Am I wrong? Sorry... My first experience
with compiled PHP.


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