[wp-hackers] Just a thought: Compiled WordPress

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Oct 22 09:27:23 GMT 2006

Anyone that tried to visit my site a couple of days ago got a "Account
Suspended" message from my host thanks to Neowin, OSNews, Slashdot, and
Digg. They were accessing a WordPress post.

I'm moving to a dedicated server, but I want complete optimization. I'm
hacking wp-cache to work with IIS (yes, it's a Windows Server, and no,
Windows Server 2003 is NOT bad), and was thinking about a PHP cache
implementation as well - since I had wp-cache and a lot of other
optimizations running on CentOS w/ Apache on my VPS earlier.

I was thinking of eAccelerator as a php caching solution, then I started to
wonder why I don't just run PHP as completely compiled code.

Has anyone run WordPress under RoadSend or Phalanger?

RoadSend: http://www.roadsend.com/home/index.php?SMC=1
Phalanger: http://php-compiler.net

Benchmarks of Phalanger and some alongside RoadSend:

Does anyone even know if WordPress will compile? Sometimes "quirky" code can
create issues.

Just food for thought :)

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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