[wp-hackers] 2.1 Ongoing Work

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Oct 19 23:33:47 GMT 2006

Mark Jaquith wrote:
> On Oct 19, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Ryan Boren wrote:
>> * Uploader improvements. (mdawaffe)
> I'd like to see attachment URLs move to post_meta.  We're using the GUID 
> as the URL, and that really sucks.  It has the domain hardcoded in there 
> (needed to keep it globally unique), so if you move domains or 
> directories, you need to edit the GUID (manually) and by doing so you're 
> breaking your GUIDs.  We're better than this.  We need to move 
> completely to WP-directory-relative links and fill in the 
> get_option('siteurl') on the fly.

Agreed.  Fix attachments now and make complete relativity a 2.2 goal.

>> * RTL Support.  Support RTL in admin and default themes out of the 
>> box.     Patches from Sewar waiting for commit.  #3136 #3217
> This has been your area... I'm lost like an ethnocentrist in a United 
> Colors of Benetton ad. :-)

I'll drive this.

>> * Make decision on Combined Category behavior and UI.  Perhaps include 
>> MarkJ's category UI work. #3130
> Matt mentioned the possibility of adding tagging to the core, for those 
> crazy people (okay, me) who tag AND categorize.  My patch is aimed at 
> allowing people to use the current system as a tagging OR a 
> categorization system, but not really both at the same time.  We'd need 
> type="tag" in post2cat or even a new rel table if we were going to 
> support both.  We could use parts of my patch for the tagging part 
> (taking out the hierarchical code).  That may be a bit ambitious for 
> 2.1   If that's where we're headed in 2.2 (tags + categories), applying 
> my patch for 2.1 as an interim solution might only confuse people.

Okay, push the tagging issue to 2.2.  For 2.1 we just need to decide 
whether to show all cats when writing posts and links or filter the list 

>> * Autosave tweaking.  Still have some edge case bugs here.
> We need to decide how autosave will handle stuff like postmeta and any 
> other random form elements that may be inserted by plugins (see the 
> hackers thread on this).  Plus, there have been some reports of 
> published posts disappearing.

Yep.  Definitely needs some investigation.  I wonder if mdawaffe's 
recent AJAX work would help here.  I thought he added a way of blocking 
and waiting when multiple things are bumping.

>> * wp_cron and future posts.  Any remaining issues?
> This needs to be solid, as future posts depend on it.  It has me a bit 
> worried (mostly because of potential server-specific quirks).

Some of the ideas in the last hackers thread for reducing contention 
sounded good.  We should try one of those.

>> * Page on front.  We still have some issues lingering.
> Point me to 'em.  This is a big "selling point" for 2.1

#3234 is one issue, with a patch from mdawaffe.  Also #2515 and #2792. 
  One of those has your move_front_page patch.  As you say in the bug, 
that workaround is kinda ugly.  I'd rather not provide context using a 
new arg.

>> * Import/Export.  Remaining issues?  Sufficient to replace DB backup?  
>> I think masquerade has some patches for this waiting.
> It's not sufficient to replace DB backup at this point.  Is our goal to 
> replace DB dump/import functionality completely (i.e. all the tables)?

I think we should provide a means of preserving post and page IDs so 
that links do not break.

>> * Bundling.  Include widgets?  Include scriptaculous?
> I like the idea of bundling widgets.  I was doing a project for a 
> company, sticking their widget in the WP sidebar... was trying to sell 
> them on making it a widget, but they weren't happy with the penetration 
> of the widgets plugin (so we ended up using the less versatile wp_meta 
> hook).  It definitely fills a gap.  Do we do it as a bundled plugin or 
> do we make it core?

I'm down with doing it either way.  Widgets is seeing pretty broad 
support in new themes, so including it as core might be good.


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