[wp-hackers] Re: [spam-stopper] New plugin version

Roland Haeder r.haeder at will-hier-weg.de
Tue Oct 17 21:28:19 GMT 2006

> Just a few of the SK2 plugins out there not written by drDave:
Okay, I have grabbed them all. But some people does not.

I guess they are not against SK2 nor Dr. Dave. :-) But they just don't want to 
use SK2 for what reason they have. They shall have this reason and you cannot 
force them to use product A (SK2) to have product B (e.g. my CPR plugin).

Anyway. Your script is in GPL and GPL allows us all to write our own version - 
with new title and version number, of course - when we like.

I already have some reasons to not upgrade to 2.1 or what comes next because 
this will destroy my (released) patched core scripts.

With this hook we are talking here we all (or maybe some of us) have another 
reason to not upgrade. That means in other words: Sooner or later people will 
go away from WP because an other "split" of WP is much better than the 
original one.

I guess Matt is interested in patches which makes his core script 
more "comfortable" to us plug-in coders. So why is he not taking his chance 
in this matter? Maybe he does already think in background about this 
idea. :-) Let's hope it! ;-)

> They are very easy to write - as easy as writing a WordPress plugin in
> fact.
And a little extension to the core files (no changes, just a new core 
function) and we can continue develop WP plugins and not SK2-plugins :-)

> westi


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