[wp-hackers] Re: [spam-stopper] New plugin version

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Tue Oct 17 15:49:38 GMT 2006

Computer Guru wrote:
> Erm...
> Ever try Spam Karma 2?
> It does just that: it's one "shell" plugin that runs a series of different
> anti-spam plugins and then adds up their result into a "spam index" that
> determines its fate.
> Check it out.
> Computer Guru
> NeoSmart Technologies
> http://neosmart.net/blog/

Spam Karma 2 works fine ... but what we have with wordpress is multiple 
plugins competing with Spam Karma instead of multiple plugins working as 
SK-plugins ... right? I rewrote the Akismet plugin, so it can be used 
with Spam Karma ... others don't do that.

If wordpress had an universal anti-spam plugin interface (letting 
multiple plugins judge a comment, weight these decisions and than flag 
it as either spam or ham or moderate) in the core, rewriting wouldn't be 
neccessary and there would be some development on the anti-spam front 
(Spam Karma had no update for ages now) ...

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