[wp-hackers] WP.org in IE7

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Sun Oct 15 02:09:58 GMT 2006

>From what I'm seeing here in IE7, it's largely just the menus that are
causing problems.  It's not whole pages jumping around, just the <h2>
headers for the page, from what I can see...

It's a pretty simple fix from what I remember on css-d, but I'm running
out and don't have time to research.  Maybe someone could post a quite
note over there and someone certainly could tell you the fix.  If not,
I'll look into it tomorrow...

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From: Matt Mullenweg
Subject: [wp-hackers] WP.org in IE7

WordPress.org does super-funky things in IE7, with pages disappearing 
and jumping around when you hover over the menu.

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