[wp-hackers] WordPress comments, Yahoo!UI and Prototype addiction

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 13:56:30 GMT 2006

I've noticed that WP coders, developers and plugin devs seem to have a
real thing for Prototype and its derivatives (Script.aculo.us, moo.fx,
etc.) and have largely given the Yahoo! UI and JS libraries a pass.
First question is: why?  Does the Proto codebase fit more easily into
people's coding worldview?  Do the methods and functions provided by
Proto lend themselves to easier deployment?  Or is it simply a matter
of popularity leading to further popularity?

Second question is: have you seen Jack Slocum's use of the Y!UI in a
TOTAL revamp of his WordPress blog's commenting system?
 ?  Hooo-leeee crap.  It's still kind of raw, but it adds a whole
dimension to blog comments that I've never seen before.  It gives
comments the ability to be true annotations, spatially associated with
the portions of a post to which the comments actualy apply.  It's
almost wiki-like - I could see it being extremely popular in
group/corporate blog situations.

So, that being said: who wants to help convince Jack to release his
work as a plugin? *grin*



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