[wp-hackers] Libertus Anti-Spam?

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Mon Oct 9 17:24:05 GMT 2006

>The guy's site is down..
>DL @ http://wpplugins.org/plugin/libertus-anti-spam-compression

That's Paul Mitchell's site. He posts here all the time.  I'm sure you'll
get a quick answer.  I can't even get the download from the plugin site to

I think we'll find out it is the manner in which the "compression" is done.
If you eliminate all links and lines with a single word and eliminate the
words "poker", "casino", "blackjack" and
"worthless-wastes-of-bandwidth-and-oxygen" and you might find spam messages
compress to a rather high ratio. Yes, that compression is lossy, but what's
it matter if you aren't keeping it...

Good question though and I'm curious to the answer.

Brian Layman

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