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Sat Oct 7 15:31:25 GMT 2006

Pierre-Henri Lavigne <lavigne at getphuture.com>: says:

> Yellow,
> Thanks for your replies.
> I define the Web standards as a way to apply truly and realistly the 
> specifications from the W3C. The Web Standards Project (WaSP) fights 
> for standards that reduce the cost and complexity of development 
> while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of any 
> site published on the Web. (From http://www.webstandards.org/about/) 
> WASP and other communities are helping to use those web standards.

Which is a really nice thought of course. I'd say I'm all for keeping up with
the standards development, wherever it is feasable.

Thanks for all your good arguments:

> * Easier to maintain
> You can dedicate a specific person from your web development team to 
> update the rss technology to the latest stable specifications. This 
> person or the group can spend more time to be up to date to his 
> specific technology and your platform is not groochy with multiple 
> usual problems or bugs, even little, to fix.

Most WordPress users are one man efforts. The work of changeing a feed 
from the
default, if I think the standards compliancy is faulty, is done by simply
dropping in a new RSS feed PHP script as a replacement.

> * Reduce the amount of bandwidth

May be less of an issue, compared to other streems as for example video.

> * usability : third party can easily access and manipulate your informations.
Of course, the third party may now choose to work with the feed he/she 
wishes to


> ===============================================

> The Kubrik design is ok for me. There are various resources on the 
> web to get valid xhtml / css templates, and in the web standards 
> state of mind. Anyway a better way to promote WS for example could be 
> the use of tools from the famous alistapart.com website for the basic 
> template xhtml / css.


> Later I would like to talk about the way of implementing / using 
> accessibility with wordpress, default templates and admin panel too.
> ===============================================
> I need to sleep hehe. Regards and good night,
> Peter

That's only human ;)


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