[wp-hackers] Anyone know who runs themes.wordpress.net?

silkjaer at theundersigned.net silkjaer at theundersigned.net
Wed Oct 4 12:54:02 GMT 2006

I am running the theme viewer.

Every day I receive a massive amount of emails from the theme viewer, and
I must admit that i don't have 1/2-1 hour every day to go through all
mails. I, as far as possible, go through the mails once a week, and stops
when I have had enough. That is what's causing the delays some users


Thomas Silkjær

> Sorry for posting here, felt uncomfortable posting this in the support
> forums...
> It's been about 2 weeks since I followed instructions, created an
> account and notified the admin(?) through the contact form and still
> haven't heard anything...
> Anyone know if they're out of town? Is he/she the only one that can
> approve theme authors/uploaders?
> -Sam Devol
> www.samdevol.com
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