[wp-hackers] Make an RSS Feed for a single page

Robin Adrianse shorty114 at shorty114.net
Tue Oct 3 04:30:41 GMT 2006

This is a problem more suited to the support forums,

But just to mention something, /?feed=rss2&p24 is *meant* to show the
comments for whatever post #24 is. With "pretty" links enabled, it would be
something like /2006/05/05/some-post/feed/.

It shouldn't be hard to make another file that takes only one post, selected
by ID from the URL (?p=2), then just show that file. If you don't know what
I'm talking about, the codex (http://codex.wordpress.org) might be a good
place for you to get familiar with WP's code.

Once again, though, the support forums are better for this kind of stuff.

On 10/2/06, Burke, Ryan <burker at dickinson.edu> wrote:
> I'm using Word press as more of a content management system and have a
> separate site that grabs the RSS feed and displays the latest 2 posts.
> I recently discovered that there is a need to display just one post from
> the archive and I can't seem to get the RSS to show me the content of a
> single post.
>     /?feed=rss2&p=24
> This just shows the comments.  How do I get the title and body of the
> post along with the comments?
> Any help who be much appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Ryan
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