[wp-hackers] Why URL in GUID?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Oct 3 02:30:44 GMT 2006

That's actually a great point.  Many of us develop off 'test urls', which in 
cases could end up being NOT unique when the site is 'published'.  This then 
gets into going through the database and changing all the guids.  Maybe 
having an (advanced) override option for the guid 'prefix' would help in 
those cases -- even if it was a PHP variable with no interface (given that 
this is for >real< dev types!).


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> I will say I have been guilty of developing a site on my laptop or  under 
> a development URL. When the time comes to migrate to a  production system, 
> I will generally export the full database and  change all references 
> (including the post->guid and various options  to the new production URL. 
> Was not really sure what the GUID column  was used for, Though as the name 
> implies and you presented, this is a  unique value.

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