[wp-hackers] Free JavaScript blowfish implementation?

Albert Holm albert+wphackers at cdr.se
Mon Oct 2 23:06:47 GMT 2006

Tuesday 03 October 2006 00:41 skrev Roland Haeder:
> Hello,
> I'm searching here on the Net for a freely available blowfish
> implementation in JavaScript. For PHP I have already found one:
> http://www.koders.com/php/fidBE302167DA8C64B24344F8AAB9ED89EF031783C5.aspx?
> Hmmm, one problem might come up here: How shall the JavaScript get the
> secret key from the server's harddisk?
> What I want to do is to encrypt a currently in plain-text readable key in
> my HTML code so that simple regular expressions cannot find it.

You'll probably get more help and ideas on to solve whatever problem you try 
to solve if you explain what you want to achieve.


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